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tv   Headline News  RT  November 26, 2013 1:00pm-1:30pm EST

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a little big torch relay. m r t r r. i wanted to ask our friends in brussels my personal friends in the european commission to refrain from harsh president warns brussels against pointing the finger at russia over ukraine decision to back off from an integration deal with the e.u. . this is pro european anger erupts for a third day across ukraine while economists say the deal would only have deep economic troubles live report from shortly plus. he would call a halt to damaging westminster policies are pushing so many people into poverty scotland outlines how life would be better outside the u.k. reading the ground than for next year's independence vote and. this agreement has
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made the world a much more dangerous place it will make our partners in the region safer israel sticks to its guns and sends a top security aide to washington to get answers on the nuclear deal with iran as world powers for the diplomatic effort made in geneva. over a good evening if you're just joining us is kevin owen here with you this hour international in moscow on our top story that russia's president urged the european politicians to avoid blaming moscow for ukraine's reluctance to move closer to the e.u. the president spoke to reporters alongside the italian prime minister interest a couple of hours ago it appears can office listening in. president putin is on an official visit to italy accompanied by a massive delegation eleven ministers five airplanes certain so on but it wasn't
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only bilateral ties and joint economic projects that the two sides were discussing but also ukraine's recent days recent decision to put on a halt its plans for a free trade zone with europe and that decision did cause and spark accusations from europe that it was made under pressure from russia and the president did comment on the situation in his own as usual straightforward unique style it was that. if we keep our free trade with kiev and this deal comes through we have every reason to believe that goods from the e.u. will go directly into the russian market via ukraine either the european made or marked as ukrainian and that poses a huge threat to our economy that's why i wanted to ask our friends in brussels my personal friends in the european commission to refrain from harsh statements do we really have to stifle an entire segment of our economy just to get them to like us
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salute earlier the presidents that word to the talian leadership and francis they did discuss bilateral ties and international issues as well including the conflict in syria but clearly ukraine is important for both sides here since its decision especially when it comes to economic cooperation and a free trade zone it would have consequences definitely for both economies. well the president also reiterated his earlier proposal of a three party talks with both the e.u. and ukraine to discuss the deal details meantime ukraine's parliament building remains besieged by protesters angry at their leaders rejection of the so-called association agreement with the lecturer just peace in the thick of things and check out the picture than i like see what is the scene there behind you can you describe in a bit of detail for us please. indeed if this protest again we can see probably about twenty twenty five thousand people at the european square pretty much the same
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amount as last night and so far it's been peaceful but we can never rule out that it may turn violent last night a minor provocation a minor incident led to a rather big brawl with the police with tear gas being used that was the thick of it i took pictures and videos with my with my camera and viewers could see it online and on our on our channel but. still far it's been peaceful we'll have to see where it goes from here because in a roller coaster ride which is ukrainian politics we can never rule out anything violent in even you cannot rule out the fact that ukraine may still sign the association agreement with the e.u. on friday in vilnius it pretty much is still an uncertain story despite the assurances by the government that it will not be signed as it stands or for its part the equating governments put forth some strong arguments backing their current decision anyway it may be. indeed the prime minister today reaffirmed that it would not be signed and it's easy to see why the economy is ailing and i will break down some of the figures and numbers of how things stand for ukraine. the u.
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turn may have stunned a few people but it's no surprise to some of those who have looked at the numbers the country's economy has been on a downward slope for over a year and a half with foreign debt at a staggering one hundred thirty six billion dollars would have cost at least another hundred billion dollars to more than nice factories to e.u. standards not all can so closures would see tens of thousands of people unemployed it risky it cannot afford especially since the e.u. made it clear no immediate compensation then a huge drop in industrial output from last trade with russia which said ukraine cannot get loyalty points from everyone. we also spoke to one of the parliamentary members who told us exactly why why the country why the government decided against signing the deal at the moment. you think it's good but it. is there's a medical term fatal trauma that's what signing this deal would become for ukraine
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it's not a political for the state to function normally it would lead to the closing of tens of thousands of factories and businesses of millions of jobs or because of this deal would send the ukrainian economy spiraling into total collapse it would effectively paralyze the state of people you have put into it that we can for you know. the fact that there are tent camps right now in european square suggest that protesters will stay here for a while probably it until the end of this summit in vilnius of course we're watching the situation i will update our viewers with all the latest details as we get them absolutely yes let's hear jet ski thanks for tonight and here we come back she later no doubt. now what kind of country would an independent scotland become if its citizens were to say yes to breaking away from the u.k. in a referendum next september a big question well the scottish government is trying to answer that in a so-called white paper today tests are still has been trolling through the near seven hundred page document. this white paper answers some six hundred fifty
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questions and the details here really are key there are two main categories here one those that will be negotiated during the transition period and another those will be made if an independent scottish government is indeed formed they promise indeed a lot of breaking down of all the policies they want to pursue bill assisted to a bit of what they said it today he would also call a halt to damaging which mr policies are pushing sue many people into poverty abolish the bedroom tax and ensure that the incomes of the speed keep peace with the course of living going in to this white paper there were a lot of sticking points that were debated heatedly by both sides those pro and against the independence first of all there's a question of currency scotland wants to keep the sterling pound and form a union a currency union with the u.k. but westminster has been adamant that this is not guaranteed and in fact is highly
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unlikely and another issue is that of taxes today alex salmond had insisted that there won't be need to raise taxes and that first of all scotland will be in a better fiscal position in the u.k. but this is against one of the new studies that have come out this saying that there will be a long term fiscal difficulty for scotland if it becomes independent and there's also the question of who is going to be controlling the oil reserves there is definitely bound to be dispute between westminster and scotland if it does become independent again alexander insisting that he doesn't want any of the nuclear weapons programs in the country they will maintain some of the more conventional defenses and how the list goes on but i think the main crux of the matter here is that many critics are pointing out asking if this white paper is going to be presenting the plan b. because a lot of the premises presented requires another party in negotiation what if the part of the bag of england that the british government or your member states in terms of e.u. membership what if they don't agree to what alex salmond has. has been proposing
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but he said that he is confident that everything that's contained in six hundred seventy pages will be addressing every single question if anything at this white paper is going to be a springboard for even more debates in the months to come. let's get more reaction on this life from angus mcneil a member of the scottish national party joins us on the line i guess evening to you plenty of promises in this weighty tome of a paper but can you really deliver on the mall that's the big question alistair darling doesn't think you can of course but what do you think. absolutely i think we can you know this is a big did probably one of the biggest and most historic deals in scotland history and hopefully it's the first of many big an historic decision scotland's history the reality is of course is the best plan but independence process probably of any nation that's become independent in the last hundred years and we're talking about one hundred forty to one hundred seventy nations scotland has planned to scotland can deliver scotland will deliver and of course when we have a yes vote we will have the self-determination of the people and that will be
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respected everywhere capitals across the world starting with london moving and moving onward the will of the people will have to be listened to and of course it will be listened to because we all live in democracies and i know you probably don't my dears know too much he says it's a work of fantasy. well alistair darling figures are mostly a work of fantasy itself mostly it's mostly a very shrill tone all all afternoon and all morning he really hasn't been happy with what he said because he knows well he peddles meth and fear that the reality and the hard facts are coming from my side scottish national party in the us campaign what alistair darling of course should realise is that it'll be in everybody's interest to copy it afterwards and he should move away from the truth as adopted they had nothing positive to see he's a case to make for the his own preferred choice he just rather goes a boat spreading fears and a misinformation frankly this paper produced today has been described by the gas
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last mother spoke to it as a catalogue information at your fingertips accessible easy to digest but it's a lot of information in there but of course there's also a lot still to be negotiated as well isn't there this is a big decision for the scottish people do they really have all the information they need in that document to make the right decision. well no peoples anywhere would have had the level of information that the scottish people have been given today prior to a choice and independence it really is an amazing amount of information that has been put in that and yes i think people do have the information to make the choice people are being inspired in scotland the reaction is that there are people already who has felt that they were on the fence of perhaps siding towards know who had the positive message did you have seen or knew that there's a level of detail there on the level of detail that is accessible to them and this of course we knew that people who who had some informational independents are more likely to support it you know this white paper is only going to increase the
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movement in the gap in the polls is only nine percent at the moment that's less than a five percent swing referendums of this kind are usually have bigger swings towards the end and we're very very optimistic on the u.s. side that the people of scotland will indeed make the right choice because we've seen it in umpteen countries especially the nordic neighbors the success they've made of nations of five million we too can be that successful and aspire to match them and i hope we will and hopefully make the right choice there are some tantalizing promises in there are there triple locked in pensions all sounds very nice free childcare course the question all along about this is how are you going to fund a lot of these promises you really show you can do it. without raising taxes i must well in the. world are the facts out of the moment that scotland is in a better fiscal situation than the united kingdom where it's point four percent of the population we're right if we raise nine point nine percent of u.k. taxes you know the specific question you asked me and on child care if we could match what the swedes do or nordic neighbors in sweden we would find by putting
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more women into the workplace that we would increase their tax yield by six or seven hundred million pounds which would more than pay for this promising childcare unleased some extra and that's the reason we want independence we want independence to run the country we have in a far better and far more efficient way because the people who make the best decisions about scotland are the people of sky. from the people who live in scotland it's not the government in westminster that only the main party only has one m.p. there's only one conservative m.p. in scotland with more pundit peers in scotland than we have conservative m.p.'s they certainly do not put scotland's interests first but a government elected fully by the people of scotland and by the people of scotland for them and for their needs we'll do that and you know we see the world over of all the countries that became independent from london about fifty of them in the last sixty years none of them have come back to london to see you know what you've actually really bettered they've all realised that they make better decisions themselves than what is made for them and london neil from the s.n.p.
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thank you very much for your time thanks being an r.t. . great pleasure now we take a look at libya in a few minutes as the program continues its thought is that the crackdown on islamist militias rogue factions are refusing to lay down arms and come under government control.
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speak your language. use programs and documentaries in spanish what matters to you. is a little tonnage of angle stories. here. the spanish find out more visit. diplomatic breakthrough of the international nuclear negotiations with the rands failed to calm the country's harshest critic israel's prime minister is now selling his top security advisor to washington to persuade president obama not to agree to a final accord to run which could be sealed in six months time paula slater investigates why that israel isn't ready to crack open the champagne. israel's
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leaders are lining up to lambaste the rand nuclear deal taking a cue from the commander this first step could very well be the last of the country's foreign minister vols the world is now closer to a nuclear arms race while the economic chief warns a nuclear suitcase could detonate a new york or madrid five years from now this agreement has made the world a much more dangerous place. but that world is hating the deal with iran as historic it will make our partners in the region safer it will make our ally israel safer while television threatening to isolate itself even further so the e.u. is not bob by this new valley it retains the white to act and yet for all the frustration there is one more hope for israeli politicians to use the next six months before
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a final deal is drafted to their advantage i suspect they're going to be continuously saying that iran is not keeping its commitment i'm sure they're going to be in close touch with. united states friends than anybody in any of the countries continuously pressing israel's demands for what should be in that final agreement but with the pressure on israel it's the only country in the middle east that has not and does not intend to sign the nuclear nonproliferation treaty if you want to avoid. nuclear weapons. we have to be part of a nuclear free zone the very simple even iran's president hassan rouhani has called on israel to join the treaty positioning himself as a major peacekeeper in the attempt to denuclearize the region never threaten israel with nuclear weapons on the contrary. a third iran military outcome.
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if a nuclear free middle east initiative was ever to work it's estimated israel would need to get rid of anywhere between seventy five and four hundred nuclear warheads israel is not going to agree even to talk about the iranian bomb in the context of day nuclearization that's the last thing that israel wants to have in the equation . and for a country that has never officially admitted to possessing nuclear arms getting her to destroy them might be the most difficult deal the world has yet to secure policy r t tel aviv. meantime been a minute knows hardline stance on iran isn't winning much support at home his refusal to budge a spot angry reactions in israel's media some commentators suggest his arch words were prompted by a sense of personal failure accusing him of behaving oddly in the international arena the liberal harat newspaper questioned their prime minister's diplomacy calling it them in your face bellyache earlier i discussed you know those tough
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stance on a round with isaac levin and former israeli ambassador to egypt is thinks the geneva agreement failed to give certain key questions. the center futures are still there they can always enrich uranium although at the level of five percent but they can switch quickly to twenty eight probably more than that this is why israel say this is a bad deed and we should have gone directly to solve the issue of the enrichment and to stop their richmond and therefore to stop also the nuclear program of iran we can just pause for a second the british foreign secretary william hague had something to say today about how he perceives the israeli position is just listening to that for a second this by thirty seconds will come straight back of course we would discourage anybody in the world including israel from taking any steps that would undermine this agreement and we will make that very clear to all concerned also very important to explain to them to ask them what the alternative to this agreement would be because the alternatives would involve iran getting to
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a nuclear weapons threshold capability or having a nuclear weapon or a conflict with iran or all of those do you not at all see or agree with his thread to the argument there sir i think that the foreign minister should be a little bit more sensitive and not to spread such kind of a harsh a statement toward a state who has genuine exactly we're not talking about the nuclear energy for president for peaceful purposes about only precisely about the nuclear bomb that would like to stop become abilities and this was and this will be and this is the objective of the next discussions between depi five plus one iran in the libyan city of benghazi it is the best militias for him to release a blood bath in defense of sharia law the group came under attack from government troops on monday at least nine people were killed dozens were wounded in the clashes there it's the latest crackdown on the issues which have been ordered to
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disband or join the army local journalist karim analogy reports now from tripoli for r.t. . over forty people were killed and more than two hundred injured at a rally last week in tripoli as protesters clashed with the family she has a through central of a number of government buildings the gunmen gave into the demands of the libyan authorities and left tripoli but if he is truly down arms reportedly natives of the city of misrata where among the first to seek to remove the gaddafi regime in general the security situation in libya remains unstable believe me as deputy intelligence chief new stuff i know i recently kidnapped outside tripoli's international airport. libyan civilians have been demonstrating in tripoli against the rogue militias have been causing chaos in the city we've been getting some of their reactions. it's a message to libya's government but we want to through it used to solve the problem of those and making the people suffer. we want everybody who is illegally carrying
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weapons to disarm we want and then to the bloodshed so the people are rallying for security in libya for the army and police to play the roles they are supposed to. the libyan government but unable to control the militias who helped propel it to power when they overthrew and killed moammar gadhafi they could be seventeen hundred armed groups across the country with no central leadership or unified agenda meantime some four hundred arms death was a spread throughout libya but only a fraction of control by the government these clashes contain some advanced weaponry to thousands of anti-aircraft missiles reportedly go missing deed in the wrong hands of course they could easily be used to bring down large aircraft and like a passenger plane maybe for some analysts the ongoing western interference is only fueling the crisis. the government is totally incapable of reining in these militias they're not going to disarm there's been a problem associated with bringing together the various militia groups but many
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of them are motivated by sectional interests criminal activity and we've seen the fruits of this over the last two weeks and then of course there's the international aspect as well other forces that are coming in from outside of libya also participating in the internal political struggles that are going on in libya itself and then of course we still have the ongoing role of the united states and these other western states who are continually interfering in the internal affairs of libya and now the united states is talking about training some five to seven thousand libyans to be a part of this new national army and this of course could cause even more consternation inside the country because many of these militia groups even though they were against gadhafi they still do not support the u.s. or nato interfering in the internal affairs of libya at this stage the crisis is already seen libya's oil output plummet to around ten percent of its previous level it's costing the economy an estimated hundred forty million dollars
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a day militant groups have taken control of more than half of the country's all supplies in the resource rich rich eastern regions they've formed a self-proclaimed autonomy called sarah nike completely so shadow government an army well tripoli's been able to pays so far the separatists who want to start exporting that crude all independent because the question is going to want to buy that oil experts think they're going to be hard time selling it. the armed gangs want to control the assets of oil production so that they can finance their activities they were lots sexy aid and they will have also to repair the damage to the oil industry in libya furthermore the major importers like italy france and germany will not deal with that they would rather buy oil from somewhere else rather than deal with. it brief
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a large rallies taking place outside parliament in lisbon as it votes on the twenty fourteen budget thousands of off duty police officers who joined the crowd angered by government plans to slash their salaries and warning such a measure would compromise public security because he's been gripped by weeks of protests against government cutbacks aimed at reducing the budget deficit in order to receive rescue loans where seventy eight billion euros. syrian state t.v. channels are reporting that a suicide blast outside a bus station in damascus has killed at least fifty eight and injured dozens that attack happened during the rush hour the capital seen a surge of violence over the past five days in october the overall death toll from the country's civil war surged past one hundred fifteen thousand. in thailand to go facing increasing pressure over a controversial amnesty bill anti-government demonstrations have been raging for three days now and thousands of activists have surrounded state ministries calling for the prime minister to step down yanis to law if passed would grant pardons to politicians both past and present and pave the way for the return of exiled former
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premier tax insure what. time exactly now twenty six minutes past ten here in moscow thanks for your company next news that in thirty four minutes between now and then threat since move talking over iran's nuclear program at the focus of today's breaking set a big stay with us for that. one member of st petersburg's legislative assembly is trying to get child beauty pageants banned in russia starting with his hometown you know i couldn't agree more with this gent on this issue these kids beauty pageants not only put a ton of pressure on children to achieve something absolutely pointless but they're also a pedophile's dream come true and are well very very creepy. b.
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but why are they creepy that's because we think alike they are not human beauty is related to sex so when you try to make children beautiful and wear bathing suits or let's just say active poses yeah that's called sexualizing children and it's disgusting although adult beauty pageants are also sort of stupid at least the participants are all adults so see it because beauty pageants are obviously related to sexuality should be able to participate in them until you reach the age of consent in your country otherwise it is just a pedophile buffet but that's just my opinion.
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was up guys i'm abby martin and this is breaking and the sad after weeks of intense negotiations in geneva about iran's nuclear program diplomacy amazingly prevailed seemed to her on a sign on to a six month agreement that elements of the iranian richmond the five percent a level well below the necessary requirement for the development of a nuclear weapon in exchange iran will receive a minor reduction in harsh sanctions on many of its most valuable exports such as oil and gold and while most of the world is celebrating this encouraging development between the two countries with historically ice cold relations one head of state just just isn't that they used. the wrong got the deal of this century. and the international community got a bad deal this is a very bad deal what's that is actually a clip from november eighth mere days after negotiations began as you can see bibi
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was already quite perturbed before anything was even close to being settled so you can only imagine his theory now. that was concluded in geneva last night is not a historic agreement it's a historic mistake it's not made the world a safer place like the agreement with north korea in two thousand and five this agreement has made the world a much more dangerous place so according to prime minister netanyahu an agreement that stops the proliferation of nuclear weapons makes the world less safe because we all know that there is only one country in the middle east that deserves nukes right baby but that's not the only fair mongery not yahoo's dish in our. lot is that taking only cosmetic steps which it could reverse easily within a few weeks and in return sanctions that took years to put.


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